Lawn/Weed Trimmer Reviews 2017It’s always been a trade-off. Light weight and ease of use versus the power you need to whack those weeds! The latest crop of lawn and weed trimmers offer both.

Look for balance. Not only in weight and power, but in the tool itself. Lighter and less expensive models may feature only a top-mounted handle for control. Heavy-duty trimmers need a shoulder harness for support and ease of use.

There’s not much to a lawn and weed trimmer. Consider the price of the tool itself, but remember that you’ll also need the supplies—especially the nylon “thread” it uses to trim. And, unless it’s a rechargeable battery-powered trimmer, you’ll also need an electric extension cord, or gasoline and oil.

The final consideration should be your yard itself. Just a trim along the sidewalk edges and fence? You have many inexpensive lightweight options. Opt for a more powerful model with interchangeable heads if you’ve got to power through a big area and beat back undergrowth..

Rank Weed Trimmer Weight Battery
1 Ego Power 15" 17 lbs. 56 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE
2 Green Works 12" 9.2 lbs. 40 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE
3 WorX 13" 14.4 lbs. 56 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE
4 Black & Decker 12" 7.06 lbs. 20 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE
5 WorX 12" 6.2 lbs. 32 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE
6 Black & Decker 13" 9.6 lbs. 40 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE
7 Toro 12" 7.2 lbs. 24 Volt Lithium Ion CHECK PRICE

1. Ego Power 15″

“Power beyond belief” is the manufacturer’s slogan. This cordless trimmer features a 56-volt lithium-ion battery and a high-efficiency brushless motor to deliver on the promise of power. Cordless operation makes it convenient. 15” of cutting area and a sturdy aluminum shaft make for fast work and comfortable use.



2. Green Works 12″

The manufacturer touts this as a gas alternative, meaning it has the power that electric trimmers usually lack. It features a 12-inch cutting area that automatically feeds the nylon cutting thread. This trimmer 32% lighter and has 50% less noise and vibration compared to similar gas models. The battery will give you 30 minutes of run time on a single charge.



3. WorX 13″

These trimmers feature electronic control of the line feed. No more bumping the head or stopping to reel our more. The nylon trimming thread is also thicker (.080 in. diameter) so there’s less breakage. A simple twist of the trimming head pivots it from a horizontal trimmer to a vertical edger. A 56-volt motor gives you enough power for thick growth.



4. Black & Decker 12″

Smaller yards are a snap with this 12-inch trimmer and edger. A 20-volt lithium-ion battery makes the IT lighter than others, only a bit over 7 pounds. A single charge will give you up to 25 minutes of continuous operating time. It automatically feeds the cutting spool, so there’s no need to stop. A pivoting head turns it from a trimmer to an edger.



5. WorX 12″

It’s 3 tools for the price of 1. The trimmer provides 12 inches of cutting area. It operates on a 32-volt battery, giving you plenty of run time. It converts to a trimmer in seconds. This trimmer is also a mini mower. In-line wheels help you guide it while edging, or to help with trimming around delicate plants.



6. Black & Decker 13″

The 40-volt battery offers a longer run time than other trimmers—up to an hour. It features a transmission that delivers optimal power from the motor to the cutting string. The 13-inch trim radius means you can get at grass in hard-to-reach areas. It easily converts to an edger to maintain areas around hard surfaces.



7. Toro 12″

Who needs electric cords to get in the way? Toro’s quiet trimmer/edger has a24-volt battery that powers through grass and weeds with a 12-inch trim radius. The line cutting length is adjustable. A quick push of a button converts the trimmer to an edger, which activates wheels to guide edge trimming for sharp results.



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